Merck Serono Thyroid-Symposiums

Building on 15 years of expertise in the thyroid-indications area and almost 10 years of responsibility for Euthyrox®, BRAND HEALTH developed an umbrella brand concept for the MerckSerono Thyroid-Symposiums.

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MerckSerono is the initiator and the exclusive sponsor for this successful series of events, that celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2012. For all seven german-wide events, more and more lots than 60,000 APIs, Radiologists, nuclear medics as well as clinics are addressed. Approximately 350 attended doctors attend each the CME-Certified events The aim was to give the Symposium its own Branding and relate it with the Euthyrox® Brand elements. In front stood the development of a logo and separate designs for the scientific events. Premise here: Recognizable elements of the events involved in the concept design.

For the jubilee year 2012 (30 years Wiesbaden, 10 years for Munich and Berlin) a separate concept was prepared , that was extensively integrated in all materials and had many added highlights. Thus, among other things: selected presentation and publications over the past years were collected an specially branded USB-stick.

BRAND HEALTH is a full-service-agency, responsible for visual appearance rather than place: From Banners, Roll Ups right up to the desired brochures. This ranges from the thyroid-patient advisors right up to scientific abstract volumes and documentation.





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