With the launch-campaign for the new hormone-replacement therapy (HRT) Naémis® of isrealean company Teva, BRAND HEALTH brings Creativity and Strategy once more on the dot.

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Rike Funke


Title for the noticeably strong scene: “Tamed Menopause”. The climacteric period is symbolized by a leopard , well under control by the fun loving and self aware “Naémis®” patient. That usually unpredictable animal is now hand-tame and gives its paw. In order to give the campaign a distinct impression, a variety of stylish pictures were shot.Another feature of the campagne: The look of the key visual- in patient and physician communication - in was unitarily designed in order to raise the recognizability. To this purpose, BRAND HEALTH developed a new colour-code for the communication area , “Menopause”. The use of the Naémis® product colour in the key visual were deliberately passed up.

A variety of intergrated communication measures were developed for the launch of the campaign. This includes a subject advert, service materials for surgery, sales reports and a patient brochure such as an app. Additionally, there is extensive information about Menopause for women on the internet: (Name given by BRAND HEALTH)- perfectly tailored to the needs of the target group who are middle-aged and want to actively shape this phase.





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