LaYanina®, LaYaisa®, LaLydia®, LaViola® und Tevanette®

On behalf of the israelean company, Teva GmbH, Brand-Health developed an umbrella brand campaign to launch in Germany on the generic micro-tablets LaYanina®, LaYaisa®, LaLydia and LaViola®

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Rike Funke


The emotional hook of the campaign is the slogan “OH LA LA LA” around which the product and price advantage positioned the Pills in a playful style and fashion. Under the communicative roof “OH LA LA LA” every bit of innovation from the LA-Variety finds its own special place and can tell its own story, depending on its marketing media and strategy.The Campaign-slogan is underpinned by a key visual, which brings the women who use the pill and now the man into play. After all, it is for contraception in the first place in order for love and desire to belong to both sexes.

“A successful concept for the marketing of our oral contraceptives that is easily expandable and lends a Brand profile to our generic-pills.” According to Senior Product Manager of Teva Women’s health, Franziska Grytz.

For the mini pills Tavenette®, a key visual was developed in the same style as the LA- variety images. The man and woman stood together in front of the camera again, however the key visual was an illustrated hummingbird which became the Trademark.

BRAND HEALTH developed the package designs and a variety of measures for specialists and female patients, both with Print and with Internet- and Mobile-Marketing.





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